Second Blog
By: Anthony LoPrimo
Posted on: September 3, 2021

As if I had a reason to make another post. It's almost 4 AM, caffiene is just starting to wear off, and I got work in 5 hours. Fantastic. Go to bed, Anthony. At least I got the blog made, and stuff.

Seriously though, I'm proud of what I made so far. I love doing things from scratch to learn about how things are made. I've always liked doing that. Taking things apart, or learning from scratch, perhaps using existing things as a refernce to see how what I learn is applied in practice. That, and I always hunger to learn more.

I'm a man of many ideas, always thinking of new things, and it's always been a double-edged sword. For now, at least, it's certainly a good thing, as I work out the technical bits for this.

Once I have some time, I'll do a proper post about the design of this website, and how I got to where I am now, and my thoughts on early-internet web design. As evidenced by the site in it's current state, it's most certainly inspired by the older websites (with smaller resolutions in mind)!