The following ongoing projects are being worked on:

Apnea is a top down isometric action/horror game currently in development using an internally-developed framework/engine, using GameMaker Studio v1.4.

This is a web-based concept for a tiny-chao garden. It's in it's early stages and you can't do anything with it, yet...


An internal tool developed for my current place of employment over at CardWorks. It auto-formats various notes and marks that a fraud investigator may need to make on a claim, in addition to auto-organizing a few other processes that we do day to day. Pictures or a demo will hopefully be provided sometime soon!

Version 1, when I didn't know what I wanted to do with the site. I mean, I still don't, but back then I was on a kick of designing websites like the Fluent UI style of Windows 10.

The main page for my Minecraft Sever! Semi-open. I'm personally vetting people before providing them with the discord and MC server address!

A web portal concept. Currently it just has links that I want and use (no private information is there at least!)

This is where tweaks and updates are made to the site before they're pushed to the main site proper.