This Site & My Design Philosophy
By: Anthony LoPrimo
Posted on: September 4, 2021

So I'm not really done with the website, but I wanted to go over the website and some stuff. And things. Yeah.

First, the stuff. And that's in the form of what I like, design-wise. It varies, honestly. It all depends on my mood, it seems. One example would be right now. The design of this site. It's old school web design. Or at least, one of the clean, semi-minimalistic website designs of the time. The good stuff, not the bad, haha.

That said, I'm on a real retro design kick with my ideas, lately. Not as extreme as some others want to imply, but just grabbing what I feel are the best overall designs between form and function.

I loved those super simple and clean designs while still providing a good bit of information. I loved the really condensed website sizes, where they were designed to fit within say, a 640 or 720 pixel width. I also loved when higher resolutions (and screen sizes) started becoming commonplace, where increasing the size of the web page didn't scale up the page, but increased the available information.

I'm the odd one out that always loved dense amounts of information. Not Internet Explorer with hundreds of toolbars dense, but like, the Ribbon in Microsoft Office. Organized chaos. Lots of controls at your fingertips, but tucked away to not be overly in-your-face. ...I'm not always great with words.

In any case, for the website, I plan to finish the current design of things, and from there, go further with all sorts of tweaks and make new stylesheets so this looks like something from various "eras" of the internet~