Welcome to the new* WildcardCreations!

Okay, not really new, just version 3 of the site. Same management. 😜 I got the old school retro design out of my system, so I moved a few years ahead, into the Windows Vista/Windows 7 era, which I'm pretty much firmly into. Not quite skeuomorphism, not quite modern flat stuff, and not quite web 2.0. Either way, the site layout is pretty much the same as before! And there are ads now. I just have a couple of Google Ads on the right side; if you could whitelist this site I'd appreciate it!

May 2024 Update

So, lots of things since the last time I updated this site. Lots of stuff going on, lots of stuff I've had to deal with. Going through the loss of a family member sucks, and most of my time has been devoted to getting that done. That being said, working on this new page design. I'll be getting everything built up soon!

Access to the old site...

If you want to access the old website, you can access it here.