The following ongoing projects are being worked on:

A project to create a web app (hosted and local!) to combine maps and resources for all 6 Mega Man Battle Network titles into a sleek, well-designed format. The intent is to make this work on mobile if at all possible.

Various overlays that can be used for OBS studio. Self-contained web app that can be saved and used locally.

60 minutes. One shot every minute. Can you last the entire hour? Included with classic Power Hour is RUSSAIAN Power Hour (one shot of vodka every hour), and Power Centurion, a 100 minute variation of Power Hour! Original game was made by my friend, Jason Kliener, and was created for MS-DOS as a batch file! I created a modern take to the game!


Apnea is a top down isometric action/horror game I worked on using an personally-developed framework/engine, using GameMaker Studio v1.4. I'll get around to showcasing the framework and what I did with it thus far. I'm no longer working on the project after development shifted, but I was able to build on top of the framework I had so far!

This is a web-based concept for a tiny-chao garden. It's in it's early stages and you can't do anything with it, yet... But some day...


An internal tool developed for my current place of employment over at CardWorks. It auto-formats various notes and marks that a fraud investigator may need to make on a claim, in addition to auto-organizing a few other processes that we do day to day. Pictures or a demo will hopefully be provided sometime soon!

Version 1, when I didn't know what I wanted to do with the site. I mean, I still don't, but back then I was on a kick of designing websites like the Fluent UI style of Windows 10.

The main page for my Minecraft Sever! Semi-open. I'm personally vetting people before providing them with the discord and MC server address!

A web portal concept. Currently it just has links that I want and use (no private information is there at least!)

This is where tweaks and updates are made to the site before they're pushed to the main site proper.